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Steven Lorenzo

"I'm thrilled to do what I do and to be a part of Isla Cozumel"

"Love travel and discover"

New places. New people. New experiences. The sum of our travels make us who we are.


Cozumel travel expert.

When I was 14 and growing up in Miami, working at a dive shop, I remember the stories told by divers who had traveled to Cozumel. I remember how their eyes lit up when they talked about the crystal clear water, the abundance of marine life and the beautiful beaches. They also spoke about the locals and how friendly and eager to help in any way they could... carry your equipment, give you direccions, open the door for you. They told their stories about driving a Jeep around the island on a road with the roaring ocean on one side and the peaceful jungle on the other. These stories inspired me to travel here. The very next year, through a SCUBA diving group, we charterd an old DC3 airplane for a weekend trip to the island. Needless to say my life was changed forever.

The beauty of Isla Cozumel is much the same today. While the island may be a bit more populated downtown, geez, we now have three downtown traffic lights, the rest of the island is still quite natural. The clear waters, the pristine beaches and the lovely locals are still here to welcome you.

Since my mid-twenties I have dedicated my life towards the promotion of Isla Cozumel and an inner desire to share this beautiful destination with all who will listen.

  • January 2007 - current: Editor/Publisher of the Cozumel Visitors Guide

    Published in 2007 the first edition of the yearly visitors guide, a coffee table style book with placement inside guest rooms of every major hotel on the island. The Cozumel Visitors Guide is full of useful information about activities, shopping, restaurants, real estate and maps of the island.

  • January 2009 - current: Director of

    This website was created to promote the unique day time activities found in Cozumel.

Steven Lorenzo